Do you ever just sit there and think, Man, we get to serve with the best team in the entire universe? Because I do.

What’s Happening

September 12

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If you know a family that’s new to our ministry, invite them to our Open House so that we can introduce them and their student to our youth ministry!

October 27

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On Saturday, October 27, we’re creating an opportunity for all of our small group leaders to connect with the parents of their students so that we can better love, lead, and influence teenagers together. Don’t miss it!

November 18

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On Sunday, November 18, we’re getting students together for an afternoon of games! Larger than life games, actually.

Tip of the Week

Okay, be honest:

Do you know the names of every student you’re leading or interacting with each week? If you meet a new teenager, parent, or family this week, remembering their name is really important. It may sound trivial, but it’s such a big deal! To remember a name more easily, here’s a quick tip: as soon as they introduce themselves, say their name back to them, out loud, repeatedly. The more you say it out loud, the more difficult it will be to forget it. But, like… don’t be weird about it, okay?

Question of the Week

If you were a teenager coming to our ministry for the first time, what would you think about it?