Have I told you recently how grateful I am that you’ve decided to use your gifts to serve on our team this year? I know how big of a deal that is—so thank you.

What’s Happening

November 18

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On Sunday, November 18, we’re getting students together for an afternoon of games! Larger than life games, actually.

Tip of the Week

Why does our church encourage teenagers to serve others? Here’s part of the reason (and why we need to champion this idea with our teenagers):

We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our head to our hearts through our hands.
Brene Brown

Volunteer of the Week

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Jennifer Brazzell

Some of you know that I have a hard time asking for things, but Jennifer is one of the leaders who makes a point to ask us what we need. We so appreciate her generous spirit. Student ministries pray for hearts like Jennifer’s, and we’re so blessed to have her on our team!

Thank you for all you do!

Question of the Week

If you were a parent dropping your kid off at our ministry for the first time, what would you think about it?