Big Idea

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Isaiah 43:1–3; Luke 8:22–25

Discussion Questions

  • Why do you love your friends? Specifically, what makes you want to stick with them?

  • What's one reason you might walk away from a friendship?

  • Has a friend ever walked away from you?
    • What happened?
  • What does it mean to have a friendship with God?

  • Have you ever experienced a "storm" and known God was with you?

  • What are some "storms" you or someone you know is walking through right now?

  • Read I Peter 1:6–7. Based on what we've talked about this month, why does Peter tell us to “be truly glad“ when we're facing difficult times?
    • Do you agree?
  • What's one way God's friendship can strengthen us?

  • What's one way God's friendship can heal us?

  • What's one way God's friendship can purify us?

  • How is your friendship with God right now?
    • What's one step you want to take to grow that friendship?