Big Idea

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Exodus 20:1-3; Matthew 6:25-34; I Peter 5:7

Discussion Questions

  • What's something that worried you when you were a kid?
    • What about last week?
  • What do you worry about most?

  • In what ways do you think worry can become an idol?

  • Which of the following do you struggle with most?
    • Worrying about your needs
    • Worrying about your image
    • Being filled with fear?
  • What's one reason you sometimes worry about God’s providing for you?

  • What's one way God has already provided for you that you can be thankful for?

  • When it comes to your image, what do you worry about most?

  • Read I Peter 5:7. How do you think we give our worries to God?

  • What's one example of a situation where not worrying could cause us to stand out from the rest of the world (in a good way)?

  • Did you defeat any worries tonight?
    • Which worries do you still need to defeat?
  • This week, how can you focus your attention on Jesus instead of your worries?