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Our world is not as it should be. Pain, evil, and injustice are all around us. In the age of social media, it's easier than ever to stay informed about all sorts of injustices, but is sending a tweet, posting a selfie, or sharing a video about an inspiring cause really what it takes to make a difference in the world? Is it possible that justice is about something much more than a hashtag? In June, we’ll be challenged to not just post about the injustices around them but to actually do something about them.

Week 1: Do something.

Week 2: Love mercy.

Week 3: Act justly.

Week 4: Walk humbly.


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We’ve all heard it before: Be bold! Don’t be ashamed! Take a stand!

But let’s be honest: being bold about our faith can be awkward, intimidating, or just plain terrifying—especially when you’re a teenager who’s already feeling pressure to be liked and accepted. In July, we’ll acknowledge that challenge and then be encouraged to grow in our boldness as we walk through a few key stories in the book of Daniel.

Week 1: Fill up on God first.

Week 2: Be bold together.

Week 3: Choose peace in the pit.

Week 4: Be bold consistently.