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Do you have any friendships you can really count on—the kind of friendships you could call your “lifelines”? We are designed to have friendships that we can trust, but God knew we might need some help figuring out how to build true “lifeline” friendships. In August, we’ll look at the kind of friendship that Jesus models for us.

Week 1: Godly friendships let you be real.

Week 2: Godly friendships help you grow.

Week 3: Godly friendships never leave you all alone.

Week 4: Godly friendships can change the world.


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Life hurts sometimes. If you haven’t already encountered pain, failure, or loss, there will be a day when you do. Sometimes the hurt we feel happens because of something we do, something that’s done to us, or something that’s no one’s fault at all. In September, we’ll talk about four truths we can count on when life hurts, goes wrong, or just doesn’t make sense.

Week 1: Jesus can redeem what’s gone wrong.

Week 2: When life doesn’t make sense, God can be trusted.

Week 3: When life goes wrong, God gives us each other.

Week 4: When life gets hard, God helps us persevere.


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How many times have you compared yourself with someone else today? Seriously—see if you can count. Stuff, looks, popularity: we can’t help but notice all the things other people have that we don’t. But in October, we’re going to focus on four things that God has given to every single one of us.

Week 1: You have a past.

Week 2: You have today.

Week 3: You have a future.

Week 4: You have a family.


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We all love a little friendly competition. There’s something about being a part of a team that makes us excited to root for “us” and against “them.” We’re often quick to see others as our enemies, but God invites us to see things differently. In October, we’ll explore the stories of Abraham, Jeremiah, Jonah, Isaiah, and more as we see how the big story of Scripture calls “us” to be for “them.”

Week 1: God is for you.

Week 2: We’re called to be for others.

Week 3: God is for our enemies.

Week 4: Jesus proves that God is for us.


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When you think of Christmas, you probably think about a time that is (hopefully) filled with gifts, food, family, and fun. But what happens when that event isn’t as joyful or peaceful as we wish it were? And is the “event” even what Christmas is about anyway? In December, we’ll discover what this season is truly about.

Week 1: Get ready to receive God’s gift.

Week 2: You can share God’s gift with others.

Week 3: God’s gifts can be surprising.

Week 4: The best gift is God’s presence.