The Gist

This week, we;ll look at the prophecies of Isaiah and the words of Jesus as we see just how undeserving we are of the gift of Jesus.

The Point

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The Bible

Isaiah 7:14; 53:3–6; Luke 19:10

The Conversation

  • Have you ever gotten lost?
    • What happened?
  • What do you think it means to be spiritually lost?

  • How is being spiritually lost like a little kid getting lost at the mall?

  • How does God find and save us from being spiritually lost?

  • Spiritually speaking, which of these kids do you most relate to, and why?
    • the kid who knows they're lost
    • the kid who's lost but doesn't know it
    • or the kid who's lost but doesn't care?
  • Have you ever felt spiritually hungry?
    • Tell us about it.
  • Read Isaiah 53:6. In what ways have you personally gone astray?

  • How have you tried to satisfy your spiritual hunger pangs?
    • Did it work?
  • What's one way you're going to approach this Christmas season differently as a result of our conversation tonight?

  • What's one thing you can do today to respond to God's undeserved gift of Jesus?