The Gist

This week, we’ll be challenged to consider how we can let go of some of the things that we treasure in order to better love those in need.

The Point

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The Bible

John 4:1–26; James 2:1–9

The Conversation

  • Name a group of people that might get labeled as as strange, foreign, or "less-than."

  • No judgment—be honest: how do you usually act toward people who seem strange or foreign to you?

  • Observe the diversity of people in this room. Think about our ethnicities, cultures, families, neighborhoods, and interests. What kinds of people are not represented in our group?
    • If those kinds of people showed up next week, how well do you think we would welcome them?
  • Are there any groups or types of people you think would feel unwelcome here?
    • What could/should we do to change that?
  • How do you think Jesus would respond to movements like #BlackLivesMatter or #MeToo that address racial or gender bias or discrimination?
    • How do you think we, as individuals or as a church, should respond to these kinds of movements?
  • Read James 2:1–9. How do you think you show favoritism or bias toward others?
    • Have you ever been the victim of someone else's bias? What happened?
    • How might your tendencies toward favoritism or bias be hindering you from loving others?
  • This week, who are you going to love like Jesus loves? How are you going to love them?