Hey, Sunday Small Group Leaders! This week, we’re doing things a little differently: we’re jumping into a one-week message, which is part of our I Have Questions series. In this one-week message, we’ll be talking about something your students or their friends may be dealing with: self-harm. Praying for you as we create a safe place for our students to share and process. Thank you for being willing to lead and love our students!


We all have a tendency to hide things in our lives, and the more serious something is, the more likely we are to keep it hidden. One of those things for many middle schoolers is self-harm. This week, instead of leaving self-harm hidden, we’ll discover how the light of God’s love can bring healing and hope to even the darkest of places.

The Point

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Try This

Be sure to review the “3 Hurts” document linked below. Follow up with students and leaders if any students open up about struggling with self-harm.