The Gist

This week, we’re taking a look at the way God can work in our lives through the tough times we face.

The Point

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The Bible

John 11:11–15

The Conversation

  • Can any of you give an example of a time when a bad situation actually worked out in your favor?

  • What’s one turning point (good or bad) you’ve experienced in life so far?

  • How have you seen someone handle a really tough circumstance in a positive way?

  • Do you think it’s okay to grieve or be upset during a difficult situation?
    • Why or why not?
  • When you’re going through a difficult time, how does it help you to care for and focus on someone else?

  • If Jesus knew that He was about to raise Lazarus from the dead, why do you think He was still emotional about his death?

  • How would you face tough times differently if you believed that God could use them to grow your faith?