Hey, Small Group Leaders! We’re starting a new series on temptation this week called What’s The Catch. This week, we’ll guide our students through a conversation about temptation and what they can do to avoid getting caught in its trap. I’m praying for you!

Please check the revised series schedule and calendar. Also,

  • I’d love to hear your ideas for an end-of-school bash on May 30th!

  • Please be brainstorming an off-campus event for July 11th as the facilities will be undergoing their annual VBS makeover.


Have you ever wanted to do something you knew wasn’t right and found yourself struggling to say no? That’s temptation, and it has a way of luring us in and hooking us in its trap. This week, as we learn to look for the hook behind every temptation, we’ll see that we can avoid getting lured in and caught.

Bottom Line

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Goal of Small Group

To help students understand that God loves them and can be trusted no matter their current circumstances