Hey, Small Group Leaders! We’re starting a new series called Together this week. In it, we’ll be talking about the example of unity we have from the early church and how we can use it to inspire us to be better together.

Please check the revised series schedule and calendar.

Also, please be brainstorming an off-campus event for July 11th as the facilities will be undergoing their annual VBS makeover.


If you’ve ever been a part of a really good team, then you know just how important it is to work together. But sports teams aren’t the only groups of people who can benefit from working together. This week, we’ll discover how much better we—the group of believers called the Church—can be when we decide to work together.

Bottom Line

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Goal of Small Group

To help students understand that unity is possible as a church and to help them become more intentional about connecting all week instead of just at church.