2/25, 3/4, 3/11, & 3/18


A four-week series about navigating through sex and sexuality in an age-appropriate and God-focused way.

Week 1: God’s design for sex is better than the world’s design for sex.

Week 2: Control your obsessions or they will control you.

Week 3: Value what God values.

Week 4: Focus on you before you focus on who.


All relationships can be tricky, but none seem trickier than the romantic ones. When a relationship moves from “friends” to “more than friends” status, things can get complicated in a hurry. In this series, as we look at what God’s says about how we treat others and how we allow them to treat us, we’ll see that being more than friends doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems.

Week 1: Dating is great, but thinking is better.

Week 2: Your perspective is your pick.

Week 3: Getting healthy requires extreme measures.

Week 4: A breakup doesn’t have to break you.

3/25 & 4/1

When life gets hard and things don’t turn out the way we hoped, it’s easy to believe that God is distant and that our story is over. But Easter reminds us that just the opposite is true. Through Easter, we’ll discover that Jesus is a God who isn’t distant and hasn’t abandoned us. In fact, He’s always working to bring our stories back to life.

Week 1: Because of Jesus, your story isn’t over.

Week 2: Because of Easter, Jesus matters.

4/8, 4/15 & 4/22

We all have a tendency to judge and hate on others, but we often make those calls without all the facts. In other words, we can’t see the big picture. If we could, it’d probably be a lot easier to move from hating to understanding. Maybe that’s why the Bible makes it clear that when it comes to judgment, that call is God’s to make.

Week 1: Drop the rock.

Week 2: Assume the best, and trust God with the rest.

Week 3: You don’t have to know everything to share something.

Week 4: Even when you fail, He’s for you.