Hey, Leaders!

This activity is designed to help students spend time with others in Christlike community—not just at church but on their school campuses. For four weeks, students will take on the challenge of leading strategic conversations with their friends during their school lunch period. While you won’t be involved in those lunch table chats, you still have a role to play! Here it is:

Stay in the Loop

This challenge will officially be running from Wednesday, August 22 to Tuesday, September 18. Students can pick up their materials at the back of the room at any Wednesday or Sunday gathering. Be sure to look over the materials we’re providing so you can give students help and advice as they begin to lead these conversations with their peers.

Encourage Students

Before and during the challenge, be prepared to follow up with the students you lead, find out who's participating, and encourage them along the way.

Provide Support

If anyone knows how difficult it can be to lead group conversations with teenagers, it's you! Be ready to provide support and advice to your students if they are struggling with or frustrated by this challenge.